Video-based Lessons
Step-by-step ABA-based video lessons break down complex concepts into short, easy-to-understand steps you can implement immediately.
Applied Behavior Analysis
"The effectiveness of ABA-based intervention in Autism Spectrum Disorders has been well documented through five decades of research."
-- American Academy of Pediatrics, 2007
Scientific Advisory Board
Our Scientific Board consists of leaders in the field of autism research and treatment. As research points us toward new and promising treatments for autism, our platform will bring those innovations to you.
Fill out a brief skills checklist and we create an individualized ABA-based learning plan for your child
Lesson Library
Over 1,200 video teaching steps, each with a written lesson plan and divided across 8 categories: Pre-Academic, Academic, Social / Emotional, Daily Living, Motor Skills, Play & Leisure, Expressive Language and Receptive Language
Track Progress
Automated progress tracking measures treatment effectiveness so you know your program is working
No Time?
We'll show you how to incorporate teaching into play and everyday activities so you can make each moment a teachable one
Problem Behaviors?
We have specific training and lesson videos that address learning barriers and build your child's attention and cooperation skills
Lessons for YOUR child?
Our comprehensive curriculum has lessons for all ages and developmental levels from point of diagnosis through early adolescence
  • Trina's Journey
  • A brighter future for Chance
  • A Father's Perspective
  • Learning to Teach
  • Evelyn's Story
  • Doing it together as a family
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