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Rethink Ambassador Program

Combine your expertise in Rethink Ed with your love of helping others. Become a Rethink Ambassador and support educators as they redefine learning with Rethink Ed.

The Ambassador Certification utilizes blended learning with video modules, guided feedback, instruction manual, and hands-on application. By successfully completing the Rethink Ambassador certification program, you will be certified to deliver trainings and offer supports in your own district. Ambassadors must renew their certificates each year through our simple recertification process.

Who should join?

  • Do you love using Rethink Ed in your school district?
  • Do you want to support others to efficiently and effectively adopt Rethink Ed in their own classrooms and reap the positive benefits?
  • Are you an educator interested in demonstrating an interest in professional growth?
  • Yes? Then you should become a Rethink Ambassador.
  • All current Rethink users are eligible to become a Rethink Ambassador.

Why Should You Join?

  • Rethink Ed ambassador empowers educators to become content experts and provide support to their colleagues. Becoming an Ambassador demonstrates your desire to improve your consultation skills and acquire deeper understanding of evidence-based instructional practices.
  • Professional Development: Plan and deliver effective professional development opportunities
  • Implementation: Provide meaningful technical assistance, supervise and support ongoing adoption, utilization, and engagement of evidence-based intervention practices.
  • Coaching and Mentoring: Facilitate ongoing, individualized support in classrooms to improve and enhance best practices.

How can I join?

  • Contact your Professional Services Consultant to get started! Not sure who to contact? Email or call 877-988-8871

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