Support the Learning

Of Students With Autism and Related Disabilities

RethinkEd’s Special Education Solution combines the power of technology and research to empower educators with a comprehensive suite of tools for delivering innovative, scalable, individualized, defensible and evidence-based supports for learners with disabilities.

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Maximizing Academic Achievement and Life Success

Rethink Special Education provides a comprehensive solution that includes lessons with detailed instructional materials and a lesson plan, easily customizable IEP goals and objectives, over 1,500 videos for students of all ages in the areas of foundational academics, daily living, motor skills, social skills and communication, group participation, employment, and many more.

Rethink Special Education also supports Administrators with an easy way to view reports, analyze usage, and track student and educator progress in order to evaluate program impact and ROI.


Skills Success supports development and delivery of a quality instructional program to address IEP goals.

  • Every lesson comes with exemplary IEP goal and objective starters that can be easily customized to meet district goal writing formats, individual student needs and maximize student success.
  • Step by step video models demonstrate how to teach target skills and provide significant opportunity for embedded professional development.
  • Instructional materials (including lesson plans, visuals, printable materials, schedules, activities and more) are provided and support educators with time efficient planning and effective delivery of evidence-based instruction.
  • Interactive digital student learning center provides opportunities for practice, generalization, and maintenance of learned skills.


Behavior Success supports creation and implementation of effective behavior plans & interventions to reduce challenging behavior.

  • Increases staff knowledge of common functions of behavior as well as implementation of effective strategies to decrease problem behavior and increase learning.
  • Guides staff in building function based and effective behavior intervention plans through a 6-step process.
  • Grounded in the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and Positive Behavior Supports (PBIS).

Are You Ready to Have an Impact?


Every lesson comes with detailed instructional materials, a lesson plan, and easily customizable IEP goals and objectives in the areas of foundational academics, daily living, motor skills, social skills and communication, group participation, employment skills, and more. These crucial lesson resources dramatically improve the educational outcomes of students with varying abilities.


A robust data recording system is available that enables educators to effectively monitor student progress. Effectively track baseline, intervention, and teaching data via desktop or app for real-time electronic data collection and graphing. Measure skills and behaviors by frequency, interval, time sampling, duration, opportunity based, task analysis, rate.

Evaluate Progress

Make timely, informed, and data-driven, decisions regarding effectiveness of instruction and intervention that result in appropriate student progress. Maintain and support compliance with IEP development and goal mastery.

Learn how our partners have implemented RethinkEd to meet the needs of their communities.

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