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Rethink Benefits is a global behavior health technology company that provides Fortune 100 companies with the first and only global caregiver support system, offering 24/7 virtual caregiver teleconsultations with expert behavioral clinicians, and online evidenced-based training and support for families who have children of all ages with learning, social, or behavioral challenges, or developmental disabilities. Rethink has also recently launched the Neurodiversity Inclusion Center, which offers e-learning modules and a clinical support system to focus on the training of managers and colleagues of the neuro diverse community.

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Meet Rethink’s new and improved Progress Report:  a one-stop shop for generating a customizable, readable, and informative progress report.

The new progress report …

  • Is Customizable

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Whether you want an in-depth report on your student’s progress or a more general summary, the new Progress Report allows for several levels of customization to help you create the report you need. The new report allows you to add Common Core State Standards, lesson graphs, objectives & targets, and notes, or simply stick with an automatically generated data summary for each of the student’s goals.

  • Encourages Data Driven Decision Making

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Taking a look at the detailed data collected for targets in the Progress Report can allow you to identify a student’s strengths, weaknesses and areas of concern so you can make both short and long-term teaching decisions informed by data.

  • Supports IEP Meetings

Screen shot 2013-11-07 at 7.53.57 AM

When creating a report for a specific date range, you will be able to select what kinds of lessons you’d like to include in the report.  This feature makes it easy to generate a report for progress on your student’s IEP goals to bring to IEP meetings, where you can then use the report to help write new goals and plan for the upcoming year.

  • Encourages Communication Between Home and School

Screen shot 2013-11-07 at 8.08.47 AM

New customization features make it easy to create a parent-friendly progress report that can be quickly emailed to a parent from the user interface or printed out, thus encouraging more active parent involvement.

  • Provides for Accuracy and Transparency in Reporting

Screen shot 2013-11-07 at 8.09.48 AM

Whether you are going to an IEP meeting or working on marking-period grades for a student, the new Progress Report provides you detailed information that makes student progress and team member data collection accurate and transparent to everyone.

To find out more about how Rethink’s new Progress Report can benefit you and your students, please contact us at info@rethinkfirst.com