Provide enrichment and intervention to your students in a few simple clicks.

Our K-12 academic curriculum includes a full suite of structured tools to plan, organize, assess, instruct, and practice core academic knowledge and skills.

  • 36-weeks of leveled instruction
  • Structured units and topics
  • Standards-alignment documents
  • Unit guides & lesson plans
  • Flexible mapping to district’s scope and sequence
  • Interactive lessons
  • Assessments (summative and formative)
  • Automatic data collection

All of our curriculum include:

Interactive Lessons

Leveled lessons to support daily instruction including books, vocabulary, sorting, categorization, games, practice activities, sequencing, and more!

Pre & Post Assessments

Simple summative assessments with a multiple-choice format to gauge student understanding before and after each unit.

Organized Units

Sequential topics covering core concepts for each subject.

Automated Data Collection

Automated tracking of individualized student progress to formatively assess learning along the way.

Unit Guides

Key vocabulary, essential questions and standards alignment documentation to support planning and instruction.

Lesson Plans

Detailed lesson plans organized with 5 days of instructional activities, student learning goals, differentiated supports, large group, small group and individual practices and procedures.

Coming Soon for Back-to-School 2022-2023 – Complete K-8 Curriculum Suite

Currently Available Secondary Curriculum


English 1
English 2
English 3


Algebra 1
Algebra 2


US History
World History


Earth Science

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