Vizzle Features

Vizzle is your pathway to student learning success.

We’ve streamlined the curriculum to be easy-to-use, standards-based and adaptable to each individual student. Our stand-alone curriculum resource provides a creation tool that integrates with existing programs to customize, assign, and share lesson plans across your district.

State Standards Aligned

Each of our thousands of lessons has been reviewed by education professionals and aligns with state standards across the nation, so you never have to worry about staying in compliance. All lessons can be customized to your students’ unique needs and skill level.

Automatic Data Collection on Every Lesson

Manual data entry is a thing of the past. With Vizzle, information is automatically collected on each lesson, so you can assess student comprehension and progress on a continuous basis. Administrators can quickly and easily monitor both teacher and students at a district or individual level.

There are a number of ways to pull reports based on filtered categories, including specific skills. Simply specify a date range, narrow down the data you’d like to assess by skill, goal or objective, and export into a variety of formats.

Data we collect:

  • Progress toward IEP goals
  • Login time
  • Teacher logins
  • Student time on task
  • Accuracy
  • Number of activities that a student engages with
Designed for Teachers, by Teachers

It’s hard to create something valuable if you’ve never been in the user’s shoes. At Vizzle, we have all been there. We are a team of educators who have experience working with special needs students. We know the challenges and we celebrate the successes involved with creating a learning environment that really works.

Vizzle was built with both the students and teachers in mind. We make it easy to use from an educator’s perspective with simple tools, seamless integration, and intuitive reporting. We make it fun, interactive and effective from a student’s perspective so that they can fully engage with a platform that helps them progress to their learning goals.

Fully accessible for special needs

Research shows that students with special needs learn better through visual learning and interactive tools. Using Vizzle, educators and administrators give students an easy-to-use, engaging tool to help them learn the curriculum, develop skills and demonstrate understanding.

  • Visual learning
  • Interactive lessons
  • Pre differentiated
  • Customized content
  • Personalized experience

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