The prevalence of autism continues to increase throughout the world. There are dozens of effective interventions to ensure students with ASD achieve their optimal outcomes. However, educators need support to learn and deliver these interventions. Every student with ASD deserves a quality education, Rethink Ed ensures that every educator can deliver this quality education.

Professional learning to promote an evidence-based education for every student with ASD.

Rethink Ed provides scalable professional development with video models, quality lesson plans and curriculum to address the unique needs of students with autism. Focus is placed on communication and social skills that support students with ASD to fully participate in their learning. Behavior supports address challenging behavior to support students in inclusive settings.

Learn more and download the White Paper: Autism Services and Supports: The Need is Global

There has been a marked increase in the number of people being identified as having an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) across the world. There are several interventions that foster optimal outcomes for people with ASD and promote the best opportunity for leading a high-quality life. Unfortunately, there are not enough providers to match the growing need for ASD evaluations and interventions. Technology has been an essential tool in disseminating professional knowledge and expert content to areas that need it most; with growing use of technology, the goals outlined in the World Health Organization’s call to action become more attainable.

Student with ASD represent approximately 9% of the SPED population but represent more than 25% of SPED Due Process hearings.

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