You Are Your Child's Best Teacher: Strategies for Enhancing Social and Communication Skills in Everyday Life

rethink | 3/09/2015

Research has shown that the more active role parents and family members play in a child's learning, the more likely a child is to succeed in school and in other areas of life. Social and communication skills are especially important in helping children maintain positive and satisfying relationships in school, at home, and in their communities--a priceless skill a child will use for the rest of their lives. In this FREE 60 minute webinar, Dr. Bridget Taylor, Psy.D, BCBA-D, Rethink's Senior Clinical Advisor, discusses practical strategies for enhancing social and communications skills in everyday life. This Webinar Will Discuss: the crucial roles that parents and caregivers play in maximizing their child's learning outcomes using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) strategies in the home practical tips on how to teach social and communication skills in everyday life

Download presentation slides here