6 Steps for Developing an Effective Behavior Plan & Behavior Support for All Learners

rethink | 12/01/2017

When discussing the topic of behavior, often it can be a struggle not only to identify the behavior and why it is happening but also to put the appropriate strategies in place to make sure that it does not continue. Without an effective plan in place, the negative behavior will likely increase and can result in new problem behaviors occurring. This session will focus on the steps for developing a behavior plan within the Rethink Ed platform and will focus on the behavior support and resources that can be utilized to make sure the plan is successful.

At the end of this presentation educators will be able to:

  • Identify research based best practices for creating and implementing behavior support plans.
  • Understand, using our six-step model, how to effectively address problem behavior and identify replacement skills.
  • Recognize the importance of data collection to prevent new problem behaviors from occurring.

Presented By: Nicole Amador

Nicole Amador was an elementary teacher for 10 years where she provided instructional support to students at every level. She has worked extensively with both ESL and special education coordinators to deliver quality instruction to all students. Once outside the classroom she created presentations for staff based on district needs while integrating a digital connection and has helped districts to develop programs that were both differentiated and student centered.  As a Rethink Ed Account Executive, she is currently working to assist in spreading awareness around special education and to provide the support needed to make sure that all students are receiving adequate resources and that teachers and support staff are given scalable, evidence based materials to help their students succeed.

Download presentation slides here