Addressing Disproportionality: Shifting PBIS Systems and Promoting SEL

Rethink | 3/03/2020

The webinar will provide an overview of how to use student voice, data, language, and identity to shift how we think about Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports. Further discussion on how to integrate social emotional learning (SEL) and alignment of school-wide expectations to SEL competencies will be provided as a means to increase objectivity through explicit teaching of concrete language. Integrated SEL PBIS matrices, will be provided as an example of how to leverage systems to increase adult self-reflection and decrease disproportionate referrals for often marginalized student populations..

About the Presenter

Dr. Sara Totten is currently the Director of Student Services for the DeForest Area School District, a suburb of Madison, Wisconsin. She earned her doctorate in educational leadership at Edgewood College in Madison studying principal perspectives of disproportionate placement of African American students in special education programs.

Sara is currently the interim president-elect and has previously served the Social and Awards and Legislative representative roles on the Wisconsin Council for Administrators of Special Services. She also serves on the Wisconsin School Administrators Alliance (SAA) and participated on the research and development committee to revise the SAA Evidence-Based Agenda this past year. In addition to her role as director, Sara has taught a number of courses for Lakeland University’s Master Counseling program.

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