Internet Safety In the 21st Century Learning Environment

Rethink Autism | 10/23/2020


Jill Brown, Founder and President of Generation Text Online presents important information that every educator needs to know about internet safety for their students. In this webinar, participants will deepen their understanding of what students are exposed to each and every day through school provided technology. Participants will walk away with strategies on how to have discussions with students about uncensored information readily available, tools for helping students make sense of ideas they are being exposed to, and tips for helping them to avoid the dangers and pitfalls of internet use, social media, and gaming.

About the Panelist:


Jill Brown Photo

Jill Brown is the founder of Generation Text Online, a company that offers programs that teach 21st -Century learners about internet safety; digital citizenship; conflict resolution and provides the tools to eliminate cyberbullying and bullying. The architecture of these programs provides professional development, as well as age specific curricula for K - 12 empowering each individual to navigate the dangers and pitfalls of the internet and social media. By equipping her audience with the tools to understand how emotions drive decisions, presenting real-life examples, and providing experiential learning through interactive curricula, audiences are able to learn a thinking process that guides them in avoiding dangerous situations and solving problems. Jill Brown and Generation Text Online is well known at the university level within student services, providing mental and emotional wellness curricula, designing mentor programs and supporting education candidates with the Generation Text Online approach.

Jill maintains a very busy schedule of speaking engagements, seminars, professional development, professional coaching, K – 12 classroom work, and adjunct professor. Jill Brown frequents the corporate world, focusing on programs that guide executives and employees in understanding organizational behavior and how it affects company culture as well as safe and appropriate uses of texting, email, and all online activity.

Jill encourages school districts to implement the train a trainer program in order to infuse the framework throughout each building and classroom for a sustainable solution. The coordinating curriculum enables teachers and parents to adopt the approach and framework in the classroom and at home. The curriculum incorporates a 21st Century approach and ideology. Interactive and engaging instruction utilizes creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking skills, guiding students to “think their way out of problems”. The researched based curriculum allows for proactive strategies and solutions to create a positive school culture, teach 21st century students how to end bullying and cyber-bullying and how to be a responsible digital citizen. All lessons are aligned with Common Core and designed for the 21st Century Learner by using inquiry based instruction, integrating technology and utilizing video to connect with learners. The curriculum is available online and is available for all age groups. Lessons are designed to be delivered by teachers, counselors, human resources and others in small group settings.

Jill Brown’s portfolio includes a scalable intranet for schools that allows students to practice online communication in the safety of a private and teacher-supervised digital environment. In addition, teachers can use the intranet to create study or work groups, post assignments, manage discussions, and interact with students.

Jill Brown is the mastermind and founder of, an online network where tweens can socialize safely. She is highly regarded and well known in the circle of Internet Safety experts. has been constantly regarded as the social networking choice by parents for their tweens.

Jill is a leader in the youth community and has served on the boards of: Presbyterian Church of Westfield, NJ Mission Commission, Family Life Department of Westfield Area YMCA, Citizens Advisory Committee for Enrollment for the Westfield Board of Education, and various roles in her local PTO. These experiences have given Jill a keen sense of how tweens interact, their social behaviors and the need for a parental controlled, on-line activity.

Jill is also very active in 2 non-profit organizations. A member of the advisory board for Furniture Assist, she works to promote and fundraise for a non- profit that helps needy families receive used furniture, mainly beds. (An organization she co-founded over 5 years ago) Jill also sits on the board of a Canadian nonprofit organization, Kiwi Seminars, which works in Canadian schools teaching internet safety.

Jill’s passion is youth ministry. For the last 20 years, she has volunteered in a weekly youth group meeting, spiritual retreats and mission trips all over the world. It is from her experience of working side by side with young people while serving people less fortunate, that her commitment to protecting teens was born. Jill possesses that special connection with teens, one that includes listening, acknowledging and understanding 21st century youth. Jill has been featured on NBC’s Today Show, for being a “Supermom” in 2005. She has appeared on several NBC and ABC affiliates, Fox News, as well as written up in the New York Times and the Boston Globe. Her participation on several panels at Social Media Week 2012 in Toronto, gives her an international perspective. Her most recent request is to work with youth in Africa.

Jill is a 1993 graduate of Northeastern University and has a business degree with a concentration in Management and Marketing. Her specific interest and experience is Communications and Organizational Behavior, the study of behaviors of individuals, groups and structures and the impact each has on behavior within an organization. Jill’s experience of working in schools on a daily basis either giving assemblies, consulting in the classroom or providing professional development, allows her to understand how and why these lesson plans give the opportunity for real change in your school!

Jill’s experience as a mom of 3 (ages 22, 20, 16) as well as being an active member of the community has played a key role in the shaping of her ideas and her business plan. Over the past 15 years, Jill has successfully balanced a career of consulting, leadership, management and motherhood.

Currently, she wears the hat of guest lecturer at Northeastern University, William Paterson University, Stockton College and York College.



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