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Our Rethink Ed Webinar Series empowers educators by bringing live professional development led by thought leaders in special education straight to the screen. Each webinar addresses important, trending topics like effective academic instruction, early childhood learning, family engagement, and addressing challenging behavior. Join us by registering for the full webinar series today!

Rethink Expert Webinar Series: Expanding Employability Opportunities for Students with Neurodiverse Conditions

June 27, 2019 at 1:00 p.m. EST

Students with neurodiverse conditions such as autism spectrum disorder, developmental delays, ADHD and social anxiety have tremendous strengths that could benefit any employer. As educators, our end goal for ALL students includes having them learn, practice, and model employability skills. We also want employers and coworkers to see our students who are neurodiverse as capable young adults with their own unique strengths first and as individuals who would benefit from accommodation and support second. This webinar will cover recommendations for school districts on how to work with potential employers to accomplish this. Furthermore, this webinar will provide school districts with recommendations for how to help students with neurodiverse conditions model and practice employability skills during the school day.

Presented By:
John Peterson, Director of Special Education for the Hamilton School District in Sussex, Wisconsin