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Rethink Ed combines the power of technology and research to deliver innovative, scalable and evidence-based instructional materials and supports for learners with disabilities.

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Progress Monitoring Explained

By Jennifer Bessette, Director of Professional Services What is progress monitoring? Simply put, progress monitoring allows educators to measure student performance throughout the year. Progress monitoring lets you know which students are succeeding and which students might be struggling to make progress. This information is used to make decisions ...

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3 Tips for Making Data-Based Decisions like a Pro!

By Jennifer Bessette, Director of Professional Services Data. Some people love it. For others, it can be a real four-letter word. Whether you love it or hate it, data is here to stay! It is CRUCIAL to student success. Without data, we have no way to objectively analyze student progress. However, simply collecting data without ...

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Student Performance Drives Teacher Evaluation

By Patricia Wright, PhD, MPH As an educator, I have always viewed my success by student learning. If students are learning, then I must be teaching effectively – right? I guess that depends upon how learning is measured. There is research that demonstrates that tying student achievement to teacher evaluation improves student outcomes. However, ...

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