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With Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

RethinkEd’s comprehensive MTSS Suite allows you to do more than just create plans and view reports. Our all-in-one platform allows educators to learn about MTSS concepts, develop academic, behavior, and social emotional learning plans, provide meaningful interventions, and analyze the effectiveness of their entire MTSS process.

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A Complete Solution for Multi-Tiered Systems of Support


Receive on-demand Professional Development for both teachers and administrators. Discover the best practices for setting up and implementing MTSS in your district.


Meet your students where they are academically, socially, and emotionally with flexible tiered curriculum offerings.


Data collection and progress monitoring tools provide ongoing evaluation to inform continuous improvement.


Create students' academic, behavior, and social emotional learning plans quickly using the built-in goal bank and suggested interventions with the Intervention Plan Wizard. Utilize the Collaboration, Pre-planning, Intervention, and Curriculum tools ensure plans are effective.


Easily view the distribution of students across all 3 tiers for Academics, Behavior, and Social Emotional Learning. Quickly identify students who are or are not making progress to better prioritize district supports. Analyze interventions across the district to determine which interventions lead to the highest rate of student success.


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"We have been so fortunate to partner with RethinkEd in delivering to our students and our families a social and emotional learning curriculum from Kindergarten through 12th grade. In which, our students are receiving sound instruction on things like self knowledge, self management, and working with others. We thank RethinkEd for partnering with us and ensuring that our families, our students, and our staff are well during this challenging time."

Dr. Maria Pitre-Martin

Superintendent at Schools at Petersburg City Public Schools

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• Learn all the team members and responsibilities that make up the perfect MTSS team.

• Discover how to run MTSS team meetings effectively and efficiently in 40 minutes or less.