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With Multi-Tiered System of Supports

RethinkEd’s comprehensive MTSS Suite allows you to do more than just create plans and view reports. Our all-in-one platform allows educators to learn about MTSS concepts, develop academic, behavior, and social emotional learning plans, provide meaningful interventions, and analyze the effectiveness of their entire MTSS process.

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A Complete Solution for Multi-Tiered System of Supports


Receive on-demand Professional Development for both teachers and administrators. Discover the best practices for setting up and implementing MTSS in your district.


Implement evidence-based school-wide and classroom instructional practices to support all students. Meet your students where they are academically, socially, and emotionally with flexible tiered curriculum offerings.


Efficiently utilize data to examine schoolwide and individual student trends through data-based decision-making. Data collection and progress monitoring tools provide ongoing evaluation to inform continuous improvement.


Create students' academic, behavior, and social emotional learning plans quickly using the built-in goal bank and suggested interventions with the Intervention Plan Wizard. Utilize the Collaboration, Pre-planning, Intervention, and Curriculum tools ensure plans are effective.


Easily view the distribution of students across all 3 tiers for Academics, Behavior, and Social Emotional Learning. Quickly identify students who are or are not making progress to better prioritize district supports. Analyze interventions across the district to determine which interventions lead to the highest rate of student success.

MTSS: A Proactive Solution To Support The Whole Child

What is MTSS?

RethinkEd’s MTSS suite is intended to be used as a district and school-wide proactive solution to support the whole child through a comprehensive examination of schoolwide systems, classroom practices, and data-based problem-solving.

Through integrated academic, behavior, and social and emotional frameworks, data, and practices, educators can systematically provide a full range of support to all students, using an efficient approach to service delivery with less duplicative efforts on the part of the staff.

Mona Potter, MD, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

Professional Development

Engaging on-demand professional development allowing educators to better understand MTSS concepts and allow district administrators to evaluate staff.

Intervention Plan Wizard

Allows educators to easily create an intervention plan for ELA, math, behavior, or social emotional learning by directly connecting suggested interventions to the appropriate content within the RethinkEd platform.

Progress Monitoring

Monitor progress for all student plans in one place with this simple tool that does not require robust data collection methods or intensive staff training.

Tiered Behavior Intervention Tools

Effective behavior tools suitable for students at Tiers 1, 2, and 3. Tier 1 tools will include a point system and incident reporting. Tier 2 tools will include a behavior contract, self-monitoring, and targeted behavior tracking. Tier 3 will include an ABC assessment and behavior intervention plans. Custom district alerts will be available so districts can identify students who might be at risk.


Robust reporting at the classroom, school building, and district levels that will evaluate student success and effectiveness of district interventions.

Collaboration Tools

In-app messaging and collaboration tools to allow educators to work and interact with other educators, students, and family members.

The RethinkEd MTSS Training Pathway

The RethinkEd MTSS Training Pathway will focus on supporting educators in understanding the MTSS framework to promote positive and inclusive learning opportunities for all students.

Rethink’s MTSS Training provides professional development to help administrators, general and special educators, and school support staff to meet the Academic, Behavioral, and Social and Emotional needs of all students through a whole child approach and promote a positive school culture that fosters opportunities for inclusion for all students.

This training pathway also incorporates training and curriculum for supporting students at high-risk or specific populations of students within the district and provides increasingly intensive instruction matched to their needs based on levels of performance and rates of progress.

By supporting educators to provide effective Tier 1 core instruction and supports, utilize data-based decision making, and incorporate an efficient structure of delivering tiered intervention, students will have more opportunity to access academic and social learning opportunities.

MTSS Additional Outcomes

  • Equitable academic opportunities
  • Safe and positive school climates
  • Increased engagement and belonging
  • Decreased office referrals and suspensions
  • Timely and appropriate access to intervention
  • Increased teaching efficacy
  • Equity at the core of education by ensuring instruction is evidence-based, developmentally appropriate, and culturally responsive

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"We have been so fortunate to partner with RethinkEd in delivering to our students and our families a social and emotional learning curriculum from Kindergarten through 12th grade. In which, our students are receiving sound instruction on things like self knowledge, self management, and working with others. We thank RethinkEd for partnering with us and ensuring that our families, our students, and our staff are well during this challenging time."

Dr. Maria Pitre-Martin

Superintendent at Schools at Petersburg City Public Schools

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