Build School Wide Awareness and Understanding

of Mental Wellness Challenges

Develops greater understanding and awareness of mental health challenges with pro-active and preventative strategies promoting inclusive and healthy environments.

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A Complete Mental Wellness Solution


Overview of anxiety, including causes, signs and symptoms, risk factors, protective strategies for managing and reducing one’s own anxiety, stress management, mindfulness, self-compassion.

Bullying & Violence

Deep dive into bullying and violence, including defining different types of violence and recognizing when a particular type of violence is happening, strategies for helping student to protect themselves from violence (prevention) and how to address violence and seek help when it occurs (intervention).


Overview of depression, including causes, signs and symptoms, and risk factors, protective strategies for managing and reducing feelings of depression, as well as strategies for promoting the mental health of all students and ways to support students who may exhibit signs of depression, stress management, optimism, selfadvocacy, resilience, and goal setting.

Human Trafficking

Learn causes, signs and symptoms, risk factors for labor and sex trafficking, ability to identify and support students who may be at risk for being victims of human trafficking, healthy boundaries, safe and ethical behavior, support systems, and self advocacy.

Developing Healthy Identities

Overview of factors that support healthy identity development, including a sense of self and one’s own values and needs, sense of connection and validation from others, potential risk factors that may impede the development of a positive sense of identity, strategies to help students embrace their sense of self, self knowledge, wants and needs, self-efficacy, resilience, friendships, and cultural competence.

Digital Citizenship & Online Safety

Learn the importance of helping students to be safe online and strategies to teach digital citizenship and digital literacy to prevent cyberbullying, empathy, healthy boundaries, friendships, and actions and consequences.

Reducing the Risk of Suicide

Learn about the causes, signs and symptoms and risk factors of suicide along with protective strategies for reducing the risk of suicide, importance of a whole school, whole community approach to effectively reducing the risk of suicide. stress management, support systems, empathy, and mindfulness.

Substance Use Disorders

Overview of substance misuse and substance use disorder, including causes, signs and symptoms, and risk factors. Learn protective strategies for reducing the risk of addiction, strategies for promoting the mental health all students, strategies for supporting students who may have or be at risk for substance use disorders, stress management, self-control, emotions, goal setting, and support systems.

Kindness to Animals

Learn how compassion and kindness to animals and pets demonstrates an overall concern for all living things, how animal abuse often precedes violence towards people, strategies for students to love and care for animals, values, empathy, respect, and kindness.

Mental Wellness

Overview of mental health, including emotional, psychological, and social wellbeing gain a greater understanding of factors that impact one’s mental health, as well as protective strategies to increase one’s mental wellness. self knowledge, stress management, and support systems.


Learn the causes, signs and symptoms and risk factors of trauma, as well as post-traumatic stress disorder, managing one’s own trauma, preventing companion fatigue, strategies to promote the mental health all students and ways to support students who may have experienced or are experiencing trauma, skills for emotions, stress management, support systems and resilience. Lessons include Adults Coping with Trauma and Helping Students Cope with Trauma.

Are You Ready to Have an Impact?


Key concepts and core content knowledge provide support to educators, school staff, families, and communities with scalable training. Each corresponding professional learning module includes practical and targeted examples to build knowledge and confidence.


Engage with on-demand video-based training modules designed to support and improve understanding of preventative measures around key mental health topics. The self-paced series covers mental health awareness and prevention strategies essential for promoting a positive school climate.

Dive Deeper

Explore additional content to support all adult learners in diving deeper into topics with practice, application exercises, and opportunities to real life that aligns with district Professional Development initiatives for group learning and PLC opportunities.

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