Behavior Suite

High-quality universal behavior support optimizes learning and well-being. Fostering positive behaviors, decreasing behaviors that interfere with learning, and maximizing both student and educator success requires a holistic approach.

  • Foster sense of safety and well-being.
  • Increase time spent on meaningful instruction.
  • Improve academic performance.
70% of teachers report a recent increase in disruptive behavior in the classroom

A Complete Solution


Receive on-demand Professional Development for both teachers and administrators. Our evidence-based training is designed to help educators and staff understand why students may be engaging in behaviors that interfere with learning.


Efficiently utilize data to examine schoolwide and individual student trends through data-based decision-making. Data collection and progress monitoring tools provide ongoing evaluation to inform continuous improvement.


Create student behavior plans quickly using the built-in step-by-step guided template for effective intervention plans.


Easily view the robust reports to analyze interventions across the district to determine which interventions lead to the highest rate of student success.

Helps You Maximize Student Learning and
Minimize Classroom Disruption

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Behavior Training Series

Evidence-based training is designed to help educators and staff understand why students may be engaging in behaviors that interfere with learning, what to do to prevent those behaviors from occurring, and how to increase positive behaviors and decrease inappropriate ones.

Tiered Behavior Intervention Tools

• Tier 1: Behavior PD, points system, and incident tracking

• Tier 2: Behavior contract, self-monitoring, and targeted behavior tracking

• Tier 3: ABC assessment, behavior plans, and custom district alerts help identify students who might be at risk.

Student Center

Empowers Students to:
• Redeem and view earned points:
• Track and manage their behavior with self monitoring tools:
• View reports shared by their teacher:
• Communicate regularly via the messaging system

Behavior Points

Students can earn points for positive behaviors while also allowing educators to record common challenging behaviors.

Behavior Contracts

Created to establish student goals, rewards for meeting goals, and consequences.

Behavior Support Reports

Robust reports provide overview and details about specific behavior incidents, actions taken, students involved, and BIP progress.

Incident Reports

Documentation of incidents allows the district to determine the best course of action for fostering positive behaviors.

Behavior Plans

A step-by-step guided template allows educators to create effective behavior intervention plans.


Students can track and monitor their own behavior within the Student Center.

Behavior Tracking

Educators can track behaviors for a single student, group of students, or whole class via browser or mobile app.
Behavior Suite-Mobile App
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