Train Your Education Teams

On Diversity & Inclusion Topics

Promote a district-wide culture of acceptance and support the success of all individuals with our disability awareness, neurodiversity, and fundamentals of special education programs.

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A Complete Diversity & Inclusion Solution

Fundamentals of Special Education

Improve educator instructional delivery through establishing quality learning environments and instructional strategies to meet the needs of special education leaders.


  • Introduction to Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
  • Introduction to Individualized Education Programs (IEP)
  • Setting-up the Physical Environment/Classroom for Student Success
  • Effective Use of Visual Supports for All Learners
  • Differentiating Instruction

Disability Awareness

Tailored implementation support and effective professional learning options maximizes teacher performance and student achievement.


  • Community
    • Introduction to Disabilities
    • Respecting Differences
  • School Support
    • Communicating Effectively with Students with Developmental Disabilities
    • Understanding Behavior Challenges of Students with Disabilities
    • Promoting a Safe Environment
    • Including Students with Developmental Disabilities
  • Educators
    • Improving Communication for Students with Developmental Disabilities
    • Managing Behavior Challenges of Students with Developmental Disabilities
    • Effective Strategies for Keeping Students Safe
    • Improving Social Interactions for Students with Developmental Disabilities
    • Internet and Social Media Safety
  • Peers
    • Respecting Differences in Peers with Disabilities
    • Interacting with Peers with Disabilities
  • Family
    • Understanding Your Child’s Behavioral Challenges
    • Keeping Your Child Safe
    • Sibling Support
    • Helping Siblings Interact Positively with a Child with a Disability
    • Internet and Social Media Safety


Promote a greater understanding of neurodiversity and share strategies on how to support the success of individuals with neurodiverse conditions such as autism spectrum disorder, developmental delays, ADHD and social anxiety.


  • Intro to Neurodiversity
  • Strategies for Interviewing
  • Strategies for Using Visual Supports
  • Strategies for On-boarding New Employees
  • Strategies for Setting and Completing Goals
  • Strategies for Conflict Resolution
  • Strategies for Adapting to Change
  • Strategies for Communication and Social Interaction

Are You Ready to Have an Impact?


Foster supportive environments and cultures of helpfulness that empower all students and adults to reach their maximum potentials


Maximize the contributions and support the success of neurodiverse individuals in the workplace. Products include Fundamentals of Special Education, Disability Awareness, and Neurodiversity


Improve productivity, employee retention, innovation and the ability to attract talent from diverse labor pools

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