Wellness Skills

For your Students, Families, Staff, and Educators

Help students develop important wellness skills like stress management, resilience, and empathy while learning to build a safe and affirming culture within your school community.

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A Complete Solution

Fully Digital

Enjoy flexible implementations in any learning environment, cost effective scalability, and seamless content updates.

K-12 Content

Increase student engagement with unique, tailored, grade-level content that stays relevant and applicable year after year.

Tiered Curriculum

Meet the needs of every learner with a full suite of tiered evidence based curriculum that accounts for varied progress and success.

World Class Support

The Professional Services teams are with you every step of the way, from classroom rollout logistics to leadership data analytics.

How Rethink’s Wellness Solution Solves Problems

Transform the focus, flexibility, assessment, and decision-making abilities of your district

Focus on Adult Learners. Educators, Families, & Communities

Educator attrition costs the US roughly $2.2 million annually as an estimated 500k educators leave the profession each year.

Mona Potter, MD, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

Educator Stress

Educators leave because they are stressed out. In fact, in a report by the American Federation of Teachers (2017), educators in the US aren’t just more stressed out than before, they are stressed out more than the average employee working outside of education. Hostile work conditions with colleagues, the pressure of high-stakes testing, diminished autonomy, and inadequate planning time are cited as key reasons why this generation of teacher’s psychosocial health is on the decline and why they are leaving the profession.

Parent & Caregiver Stress

Parents and caregivers also experience significant stress. 60-80% of visits to healthcare providers are stress-related. Poverty is an overwhelming contributor to parental stress. Parents experiencing poverty are three times as likely to report significant stress compared to parents who have greater financial resources. To promote equity for our families in need, stress must be addressed.

The Stress Solution

School climates and environments that support the well-being of educators, staff, and students are deeply needed. That's why Rethink's wellness solution has:

  • On-demand video-based wellness training modules designed to support and improve the well-being of all adult learners
  • Extension resources to provide deeper dives into topics for expanded knowledge
  • Practice and application exercises perfect for professional learning communities
  • Quizzes at the end of each topic to check for understanding
  • Ability to assign topics and track progress
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Flexible Instruction That Fits Every School Day

Supporting students’ development is imperative. Multiple studies have demonstrated that addressing wellness skills has important benefits on life outcomes. Students who receive wellness instruction are less likely to have mental health disorders, use illegal substances, be arrested, or become involved with the juvenile justice system.

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Must Have Features

The RethinkEd evidence-based wellness program includes:

  • Professional Learning Series supporting wellness for all adults
  • Incident data reporting
  • Grades 3-12 assessments connected to instruction
  • Family Portal

Improve Student Outcomes

Evidence-based, high-quality wellness programming maximizes the potential of students and supports their ability to achieve a sense of purpose and a meaningful role in society. When students recognize how their emotions and thoughts influence their behavior, they learn to cope with stressful feelings and situations and develop positive relationships. Wellness skills result in decreased referrals to special education, decreased behavioral challenges and improved student performance outcomes.

Aligned & Customizable

Written by experts in the field, student lessons align with Casel Competencies: Awareness of Self & Others, Self-Management, Self-Care, Social Awareness and Social Skills, and are built with the below flexibility:

  • K-12 multi-tiered lessons
  • Interactive Student Center with multiple assignment formats
  • 5, 10 and 15 minute student lesson options for maximum flexibility
  • Available in English and Spanish

Embedded Assessments That Inform Instruction

Embedded assessment informs instruction and provides the answer to “now what”. Rethink’s Wellness Solutions assessments are designed to understand and support the development of students’ wellness skills.

Proactive and Protective

Developed by industry leaders, each assessment uses positively phrased items to protect against discouraging students, and measures concrete, observable, and malleable behaviors that can be impacted by instruction and practice. The assessment items emphasize proactive academic, career, and citizenship behaviors.

Key Elements

Assessments are:

  • Available to students in grades 3-12
  • Administered/collected online
  • Featuring individual/aggregate growth reporting for students who take the inventory more than once

Featured Components

Assessment Features Include:

  • Pre and Post student surveys completed within 15 minutes
  • Provides three types of reports with actionable feedback to align with RethinkEd student lessons and Professional Development Series:
    • Individual (Student)
    • Aggregate (Group Summaries)
    • Roster (List of Student Results)
  • Reports including an overall wellness competency scale score and norm-reference statistics
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Facilitating Data Driven Decision-Making at All Levels

Progress monitoring and data collection enable educators to create customized learning and behavior plans.

Evaluate Outcomes On

RethinkEd offers an intuitive suite of data collection tools that enable administrators and educators to evaluate student behavior outcomes, such as number of office referrals, detentions, suspensions, expulsions and restraints. Dashboards, detailed graphs and progress reports facilitate the use of meaningful data to inform effective decision-making.

  • Number of occurrences of specific challenging behaviors
  • Number of suspensions and expulsions
  • Number of restraints
  • Number of office referrals
  • Number of detentions

  • Student participation
  • Short knowledge quizzes
  • Homework assignments

Are You Ready to Have an Impact?


Equitable learning can only happen when students feel safe, affirmed, and cared for. Rethink’s curriculum fosters learning environments that prioritize the development of relationships that reach every student.


Once students learn to apply the knowledge and skills needed to manage emotions, achieve goals, and develop health identities, they are better able to participate in thriving school communities that contribute to safe, healthy, and just societies.


Wellness assessments aim to inform and improve student skills practices and educator teaching processes with an intentional focus on understanding every individual’s competency development process.

Learn how our partners have implemented RethinkEd to meet the needs of their communities.

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Help students develop important wellness skills like stress management, resilience, and empathy while learning to build a safe and affirming culture within your school community. 

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