Develop Highly Qualified Behavior Specialists

with Applied Behavioral Analysis

Build scalable internal capacity of highly-trained specialists to successfully support students with disabilities and/or behavior challenges.

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A Complete Applied Behavioral Analysis Solution

ABA On-Demand Training Series

Educators can earn a certificate for 8-hours of professional development upon completion of all 11 Basic Training modules.

Educators can earn a certificate for each individual training module, amounting to 40-hours of professional development upon completion. This course can also be used to satisfy the RBT Certification coursework requirements.

HQS Model

The ABA Specialist pathway supports districts in developing highly-trained coaches to successfully support educators who are working with students with disabilities and/or behavior challenges.

• Accelerate Learning: Use of effective behavior and skill building strategies allow students to be more open to learning and academic success.
• Impact District Climate: Create positive conditions for learning resulting in staff and students being fully supported, empowered and feeling safe.
• Build Capacity: Scalable supports to build a sustainable and effective model for long-term, and successful outcomes.

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Our Scientific Advisory Board

Rethink is advised by a board of internationally recognized experts in the field of special education and clinical research. Our Scientific Board ensures that Rethink continues to offer the highest quality research-based products and services in the industry.

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