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At RethinkEd, we’re on a mission to provide the support and create the communities that help individuals and the people they care about live healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives each and every day.

Our Story

To help all children succeed it takes commitment, care, and cooperation to successfully guide students into learning and through development.

It also takes more passion, patience, and resilience than ever before to help kids learn at their highest level and become their personal best.

At RethinkEd, we believe learning should bring out the best in everyone.

We bring cutting-edge strategies to administrators, educators, students, parents, and caregivers to support effective, high-quality education of the whole child.

RethinkEd was founded on a simple, yet powerful idea: 

  • To literally re-think education. 
  • To make it better and easier. 
  • To unburden school districts and empower educators. 
  • To improve outcomes and elevate accountability. 
  • To promote collaboration and inspire learning.
  • And, most importantly, to make a difference in the school day for everyone – administrators, educators, and students.


As a division of RethinkFirst, an award-winning technology developer of cloud-based tools, training, and supports, RethinkEd is pioneering EdTech. We’re relentless in pursuing innovative ways to put evidence-based, data-informed, digitally delivered instruction and assessments into the hands of educators, clinicians, and parents who share our single-minded focus: To help all children succeed.

A Growing Family

Meet a vibrant group of individuals working together to change education for the better and help everyone live their healthiest, happiest, most fulfilling life.

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Cultivating Safe, Supportive Schools & Communities: City School District of New Rochelle Partners with Rethink Ed to Roll Out New Learning Initiative

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Rethink Ed, ERB Launch Groundbreaking SEL Solution with Embedded Assessment to improve culture and climate in schools

Rethink Ed and the Educational Records Bureau (ERB) have launched the first comprehensive social and emotional learning…
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We’re Always Better When We’re Working Together

Welcome to a supportive community of people that care, working together we can help everyone live their healthiest, happiest, most fulfilling life.

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