Rethink SEL

A comprehensive, tiered, K-12 solution that promotes well-being, connectedness and success by focusing on the entire school community and promoting healthy and confident students and adults. The program offers your school district flexibility, scale and cost effectiveness, and includes curriculum to develop self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision-making, relationship skills and social awareness skills.

What’s Holding Your Students Back?


SEL is associated with lower rates of risky behaviors, such as substance use and teen pregnancy, and can decrease dropout rates by 5-12%
– Kautz, et al, 2015


1 in 5 students reports being bullied, and almost 75% of school shootings can be linked to bullying
-National Center for Educational Statistics, 2019


SEL skills predict higher math and ELA scores. When a student moves one standard deviation higher relative to their peers in growth mindset, math scores tend to increase by an additional 7.97%-25.06% of the average
– PACE, 2020


SEL improves attendance. A one standard deviation increase in SEL (? metric) is associated with attending between 0.03 and 0.11 additional days of school
– PACE, 2020


K-12 SEL instruction can reduce behavioral, psychological, and substance abuse problems in adult hood by 10%
– Durlak, et al, 2011


83% of high school students from a strong SEL school reported that their school did a good job preparing them for success after high school compared to 13% of students from schools with less developed SEL programs
– DePaoli, Atwell, Bridgeland, & Shriver, 2018

The Solution

Rethink SEL provides a comprehensive social emotional learning solution that includes professional learning modules for adults, K-12 multi-tiered grade level curriculum, SEL assessments, behavior tracking and home support tools all in one web-based platform.

Rethink SEL supports all stakeholders in developing the social-emotional competencies necessary to create safe and supportive school, family, and community environments where both students and adults thrive, are respected and respectful, and where everyone engages in active learning, together.
Administrator Dashboard

The Rethink SEL Administrator Dashboard offers an intuitive suite of data collection tools that allow district administrators the ability to view usage and student growth at a high level, as well as the ability to drill down into more detail. The reports help pin-point the level of usage, and also help administrators easily identify power users, as well as users who may be struggling. This allows districts to reinforce usage and address areas of concern to ensure they are seeing a powerful ROI. All of the data can be exported as CSV or Excel files, allowing districts to splice and analyze the data in any way they see fit.

Student Center

Within the Rethink SEL Student Center students can access student lesson videos, online interactive activities, quizzes, and assessments assigned to them by their educator. Educators can assign quizzes after each lesson to assess and monitor learner progress, leave feedback on activities completed by students, and reassign lessons.

Lesson Library

The Rethink SEL Lesson Library offers a K-12 grade level curriculum for tier 1, accomodations and modifications for tier 2, and an additional curriculum for tier 3 students. Student videos, lesson plans, activities, visuals, and resources designed to meet the needs of every student. Educators can select a lesson, review the lesson plan, and then prepare to teach the lesson in-person or assign it to students for remote learning.


Rethink SEL Assessments are provided in partnership with the Educational Records Bureau (ERB) and emphasize and measure the 5 CASEL competencies while correlating back to Rethink Ed SEL lessons. Assessments are available for students grades 3-12, include a pre- and post-student survey, and produce three types of feedback reports (individual, aggregate, & roster).

Family Portal

Districts can grant parents access to the Rethink SEL Family Portal where they can access the professional learning video based modules to support their own social emotional wellness. Through the portal parents can access lessons and resources to assist their child at home, home connection letters in English and Spanish, home and school connection activities, and much more.

How Rethink SEL Solves Problems

A Focus on Adult Learners, Teachers, Families, Communities
Multi-tiered instruction with built in flexibility fits every school day
Embedded assessment informs instruction and provides the ‘now what’
Incident Data Tracking enables effective monitoring of student progress and outcomes
A Focus on Adult Learners – Teachers, Families, Communities

School climates and environments that support the well-being of educators, staff and students

  • On-demand video-based training modules designed to support and improve the social and emotional well-being of all adult learners
  • Extension resources provide deeper dives into topics for expanded knowledge
  • Includes practice and application exercises perfect for professional learning communities
  • Quizzes at the end of each topic to check for understanding
  • Ability to assign topics and track progress

PD modules are accessible to teachers and on-demand. The succinct, content driven modules have applications for students, peer and parent relationships.

Multi-tiered Instruction with built-in flexibility fits every school day

Supporting students’ social and emotional development is imperative. Multiple studies have demonstrated that addressing social and emotional skills has important benefits on life outcomes. Students who receive SEL instruction are less likely to have mental health disorders, use illegal substances, be arrested, or become involved with the juvenile justice system.

The Rethink Ed evidence-based SEL program includes:

  • Professional Learning Series supporting SEL for all adults
  • 5, 10 and 15 minute student lesson options for maximum flexibility
  • Incident data reporting
  • Grades 3-12 CASEL-aligned assessments connected to instruction
  • K-12 CASEL aligned multi-tiered lessons
  • Interactive Student Center
  • Family Portal
  • Available in English and Spanish

Written by experts in the field, student lessons align with Casel Competencies:  Awareness of Self & Others, Self-Management, Self-Care, Social Awareness and Social Skills.

Embedded assessment informs instruction and provides the “now what”

Rethink Ed SEL provides assessments designed to understand and support the development of students’ SEL skills. Developed by industry leaders, each assessment uses positively phrased items to protect against discouraging students, and measures concrete, observable, and malleable behaviors that can be impacted by instruction and practice. The assessment items emphasize proactive academic, career, and citizenship behaviors.

Assessment features include:

  • Available to students in grades 3-12
  • Pre and Post student surveys completed within 15 minutes
  • Items administered/collected online
  • Provides three types of reports with actionable feedback to align with Rethink Ed student lessons and Professional Development Series:
    • Individual (Student)
    • Aggregate (Group Summaries)
    • Roster (List of Student Results)
  • Reports include an overall SEL competency scale score and norm-reference statistics
  • A featured individual/aggregate growth report for students who take the inventory more than once
Progress monitoring and data collection enable educators to create customized learning and behavior plans

Rethink Ed offers an intuitive suite of data collection tools that enable administrators and educators to evaluate student behavior outcomes, such as number of office referrals, detentions, suspensions, expulsions and restraints. Dashboards, detailed graphs and progress reports facilitate the use of meaningful data to inform effective decision-making.

Data can be recorded on:
Behavior Outcomes:

  • Number of occurrences of specific challenging behaviors
  • Number of suspensions and expulsions
  • Number of restraints
  • Number of office referrals
  • Number of detentions
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