This video-based training series was designed to promote greater understanding of neurodiversity and strategies on how to support the success of individuals with neurodiverse conditions such as autism spectrum disorder, developmental delays, ADHD and social anxiety. Combined with our Disability Awareness series, school districts now have a comprehensive approach to promoting inclusion and healthy environments in which all students and adults can thrive.
An Introduction to Neurodiversity

It is estimated that up to 33% of the US population falls into the neurodiverse category. This means that you are probably already working with neurodiverse individuals. Or you may be neurodiverse yourself.

Rethink’s Neurodiversity program helps schools and districts to:

Promote greater understanding of individuals with neurodiverse conditions

Maximize the contributions and support the success of neurodiverse individuals in the workplace

Improve productivity, employee retention, innovation and the ability to attract talent from diverse labor pools

Foster supportive environments and cultures of helpfulness that empower all students and adults to reach their maximum potentials

Modules include:

Intro to Neurodiversity
This module explains the concept of Neurodiversity and how neurological differences are to be recognized and respected as any other human variation. It also talks about the strengths and benefits of having a Neurodiverse workforce.

Strategies for Interviewing
This module provides managers with effective strategies for interviewing individuals who may need additional support or who perform more successfully under less traditional interview conditions.

Strategies for Using Visual Supports
This module shows employers and managers how to set up the workplace environment to promote success for employees who may need additional visual support, and includes strategies such as using visual cues, visual schedules, providing textual written and graphical instructions in additional to verbal ones, and more.

Strategies for On-boarding New Employees
This module helps employers create an inclusive and accepting environment for employees who may have a neurodiverse condition and provides strategies for setting those employees up for success in both work and social interactions.

Strategies for Setting and Completing Goals
This module provides best practice strategies for managers to help employees who may need additional support to set and attain work goals successfully and includes strategies such as identifying specific barriers to productivity, breaking goals down into achievable steps, providing effective prompts, using motivation systems, and more.

Strategies for Conflict Resolution
This module discusses ways to prevent conflicts before they arise, promote greater communication and understanding among all employees including those who may have a neurodiverse condition, and provides strategies for de-escalating and resolving workplace conflicts.

Strategies for Adapting to Change
This module provides managers with effective strategies to support employees who find accepting and tolerating change to be challenging, and tips for how to prepare the employee to better adapt to those changes and transitions in the workplace.

Strategies for Communication and Social Interaction
This module provides managers and colleagues with strategies and tips to enhance communication and improve cooperation and social interactions among all employees, including neurotypical and neurodiverse individuals.