Educators are the unsung heroes behind the next generation of student learners. It takes commitment, care, and cooperation to successfully guide students into learning and through development.

It also takes more passion, patience, and resilience than ever before to help kids learn at their highest level and become their personal best.

At Rethink Ed, we believe learning should bring out the best in everyone.

We bring cutting-edge strategies to administrators, educators, students, parents, and caregivers to support effective, high-quality education of the whole child.

Rethink Ed’s evidence-based, technology-driven solutions are developed by leading experts in Social and Emotional Learning, Behavior Management and Special Education and are designed to:

  • Increase student engagement and motivation
  • Accelerate social and emotional learning
  • Equip all staff and educators with powerful tools
  • Instill a growth mindset in students
  • Encourage positive behavior
  • Achieve teaching excellence
  • Personalize learning support
  • Enhance collaboration among educators and parents
  • Promote learning and development success


Rethink Ed was founded on a simple, yet powerful idea: To literally re-think education. To make it better and easier. To unburden school districts and empower educators. To improve outcomes and elevate accountability. To promote collaboration and inspire learning.

And, most importantly, to make a difference in the school day for everyone – administrators, educators, and students.

As a division of Rethink First, an award-winning technology developer of cloud-based tools, training, and supports, Rethink Ed is pioneering EdTech. We’re relentless in pursuing innovative ways to put evidence-based, data-informed, digitally delivered instruction and assessments into the hands of educators, clinicians, and parents who share our single-minded focus: To help all children succeed.


Simplify the School Day

From on-demand professional development, to fast digital data management, to active learning strategies, to streamlined IEP goal writing, to curriculums that align to learning outcomes, there’s a Rethink Ed solution for every educational challenge.

Strengthen Whole-Child Education

The power of technology combined with evidence-based research lets Rethink Ed deliver fully integrated training and instruction, giving all students the opportunity to achieve academic, behavioral, adaptive, and social/emotional success.

Inspire All Learners

They say it takes a village to educate a child. Rethink Ed is part of that village. We provide meaningful training, instruction, social and emotional learning, and more to help all educators live up to their potential, so all students can live up to theirs.


We’re guided by a team of experts who believe learning should never stop.
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We’re led by a team dedicated to reaching every educator and child with our best-practice platforms.
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We’re an innovative team of experienced professionals driven to push learning to new heights.
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