Develop School Wide Knowledge

Social & Emotional Wellness

Create safe school climates that support the well-being of educators, staff and students through on-demand Social and Emotional Learning professional development for adults.

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A Complete Social Emotional Solution

Awareness of Self & Others

Teaches educators strategies for taking time to be more attentive and aware.

• Self knowledge
• Emotions
• Values, wants & needs
• Learning skills
• Having a growth mindset

Self Management

Coaches educators on how to better manage their own development.

• Self-control
• Stress management
• Focus
• Problem solving
• Goal setting
• Resilience

Social Skills

Trains educators on how to get the most benefit out of their interactions with others.

• Fairness
• Respect
• Friendship
• Relationship
• Cooperation
• Conflict resolution

Social Awareness

Prepares teachers to excel in diverse social environments both inside and outside the classroom.

• Cultural competence
• Empathy
• Safe & ethical behavior
• Support systems
• Social contributions
• Actions & consequences


Supplies educators with strategies for taking care of their own mental wellbeing during stressful times.

• Mindfulness
• Self-efficacy
• Optimism
• Self-compassion
• Self-advocacy
• Healthy boundaries

SEL & Equity

Prepares educators for working within diverse and potentially underrepresented / underprivileged educational environments.

• Culturally responsive teaching
• Addressing injustice
• Leveraging SEL to promote equity
• Impact of implicit biases

Each Module Includes


Key concepts and core content knowledge provide support to educators, school staff, families, and communities with scalable training. Each corresponding professional learning module includes practical and targeted examples to build knowledge and confidence.


Engage with on-demand video-based training modules designed to support and improve social and emotional well-being of all adult learners and increase awareness. The self-paced series covers social and emotional skills essential for promoting a positive school climate.

Dive Deeper

Explore additional content to support all adult learners in diving deeper into topics with practice, application exercises, and opportunities to real life that aligns with district Professional Development initiatives for group learning and PLC opportunities.

Learn how our partners have implemented RethinkEd to meet the needs of their communities.

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RethinkEd is developed by a team of clinical and educational experts. It is specifically designed to help school districts foster safe and affirming school communities.

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