Parent and Caregiver Involvement: A Critical Component to Student Outcomes

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National Parental Involvement Day is November 17th. This day provides a yearly opportunity for schools and families to honor and highlight the powerful contributions parents and caregivers provide at school and at home to support student success. It is an important day to remind us that the role of parents and caregivers in education involves […]

Multi-Tiered System of Support Toolkit

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RethinkEd’s MTSS professional development suite empowers educators to identify, track, and put strategies in place across academic, behavior, and social and emotional learning enabling them to optimize effective interventions and monitor progress for all students.

Special Education Toolkit

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RethinkEd’s Special Education Success solution combines technology and research to power a comprehensive suite of tools that deliver innovative, scalable, individualized, defensible and evidence-based supports for students with special needs.

Social & Emotional Wellness Toolkit

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Support the health & wellness of your students, families, staff, and educators. Help students develop important social emotional wellness skills like stress management, resilience, and empathy while learning to build a safe and affirming culture within your school community.

The Research Behind MTSS

The Research Behind MTSS by Christina Whalen, PhD, BCBA (Director of Research)

MTSS is an important framework used in schools in every state to support all students withacademics, behavior, social and emotional learning, and mental health.

Fostering SEL Skills Through Intervention in Problem Behaviors

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Know your POWER so that your INFLUENCE can live up to it. Kristen Hopkins I came up with this quote in 2016 after seeing some of my most troubled students lives transformed through Social-Emotional Learning (SEL). But it wasn’t just SEL that transformed their lives; it was me knowing my power and understanding that that […]

5 SEL Strategies: Strengthen School-to-Home Collaborations

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Educators and parents/guardians alike have a sense that school-family partnerships are important. In fact, parent and guardian engagement is a top predictor of a child’s school success.1 Yet I hear from numerous schools who are deeply engaged in implementing research-based Social and Emotional Learning that they are struggling to create authentic relationships with families. They […]

5 Ways to Ensure Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Success

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There is a mismatch between what educators say and what they do around Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in America. According to the 2017 CASEL report, Ready to Lead, 98% of principals believe that students should be taught social emotional skills, but only 35% had a plan to do so. Of those who were implementing a […]

Strategies To Support Best Practices in Coaching

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Effective coaching encourages collaborative, reflective practice. It supports teachers in improving their capacity to reflect and apply their learning to their work with students, promotes the implementation of learning and improves teachers’ ability to use data to inform practice (Annenberg Foundation for Education Reform, 2004). Ongoing and job-embedded professional development is key when teachers identify […]

Stressed Out? SEL Tips to Manage Stress before it Manages You

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Teacher attrition costs the United States roughly $2.2 billion dollars annually; an estimated half a million teachers either move or leave the profession each year. Why? Because they are stressed out. In fact, in a report by the American Federation of Teachers put out last month, educators in the US aren’t just more stressed out […]

Put You Back on Your To-do list: SEL Informed Self-Care for Educators

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More tasks on your to-do list than hours in the day? Than days left in your week? Than months left in your school year? If you are in education, odds are your self-care is on the bottom of your to-do list (if it’s even there at all)! Why? People who pursue helping professions (like teaching, […]