Regression and Recoupment Data Collection and Analysis over Winter Holiday Break

By: Patricia Wright, Ph.D., MPH, BCBA-D

Line chart showing answering reading comprehension questions baseline phase change

Qualifying students for Extended School Year (ESY) is a multi-faceted process. One of the considerations is regression and recoupment; is the student likely to lose skills and fail to gain those skills within a reasonable time-frame upon return to instruction. The winter break is an ideal time to assess regression and recoupment.

Collecting data immediately prior to the break and immediately following the break can demonstrate the student’s performance over a two-week absence of instruction.

For example, the student below showed a significant regression and it took an entire month to recoup to the prior rate of performance. This may be a consideration in determining eligibility for ESY.

Line chart showing answering reading comprehension questions baseline phase change

Utilizing data-based decision making for ESY eligibility can decrease the challenges created when relying on personal perspectives or opinions. Use RethinkEd to actively collect data immediately prior and immediately following winter break and see how your students perform.

About the Author

Headshot of Dr. Patricia WrightPatricia Wright, Ph.D., MPH, BCBA-D 

Executive Director of Proof Positive: Autism Wellbeing Alliance

Prior to joining Rethink, she was the National Director for Autism Services at Easter Seals, one of the largest social service providers for individuals with autism. Dr. Wright has a passion for education and has dedicated her career to ensuring that individuals with disabilities are fully included in society.

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