Cherie Azodi, Ph.D., Founder of ClickTalk Counseling

Cherie Azodi, Ph.D.

Founder of ClickTalk Counseling

Dr. Cherie Azodi grew interested in the field of psychology out of a desire to better understand the human developmental milestones such as when a child learns speak, read, track, and to grow relatively to their peers, and its effect on family relationships. Equipped with a degree in arts, she made a deep dive into the field, taking specialized graduate courses in applied neuroscience and professional training at Cambridge College. It wasn’t long until she was working in academic settings with children who needed a more hands-on learning approach, such as those with autism, ADD, ADHD, learning disorders, and anxiety. She wrote behavioral interventions and training for students, teachers, and parents alike to help these students learn new skills and take these skills home. Dr. Azodi would then pursue a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy from the Chicago School of Psychology and Doctoral in Applied clinical Psychology.

Dr. Azodi continued on to complete her APA-accredited pre-doctoral internship at the County of Orange Crisis Stabilization Center (CSU), working with the assistant center director and her multidisciplinary team to provide intervention, linkage, referrals, individual consultations, and after care planning. She continues to work with adolescents and adults as a psychotherapist, and works across various levels of care including schools and outpatient clinics. Dr. Azodi has been certified by County of Orange to commit clients to 5051 if necessary . Dr. Azodi currently manages the County of Orange’s Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services (SAMHSA) center for clients with co-occurring disorders and employs best practices to meet these patients’ complex needs.

Dr. Azodi is the founder of ClickTalk Counseling and approaches clients with a holistic view of their problems, offering personal consultation, counseling, resources, and interventions to individuals, groups, and organizations. ClickTalk Counseling provides professional staff training family for those who may need to deepen their understanding of mental health and substance abuse.