Support the Mental Wellness

Of Your Students, Families, Staff, and Educators

Rethinks Mental Wellness Solution promotes a greater understanding of mental health and well-being while supplying strategies that support the success of the whole school community.

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A Complete Solution

Expert Based

Developed by a team of clinical and educational experts, the curriculum is designed to help school districts recognize and respond to top mental health challenges.

K-12 Content

Increase student engagement with unique, tailored, grade-level content that stays relevant and applicable year after year.

Fully Digital

Enjoy flexible implementations in any learning environment, cost effective scalability, and seamless content updates.

World Class Support

The professional services teams are with you every step of the way, from classroom rollot logistics to leadership data analytics.

Are You Ready to Have an Impact?


Accept that mental health is an important and socially relevant topic affecting both students and adults within the district and school community. Understand that discussing these issues and taking steps that prepare students for eventual encounters with them is an important part of their development.


Commit to educating staff, students, and parents and caregivers in order to recognize warning signs, reduce stigma, and improve the quality of life and outcomes for those with mental health challenges and their families.


Promise to build a supportive district and school community where individuals with mental health challenges can feel safe, supported, learn protective strategies, and have an opportunity to thrive.

Learn how our partners have implemented RethinkEd to meet the needs of their communities.

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Meet the Experts That Make RethinkEd

RethinkEd is developed by a team of clinical and educational experts. It is specifically designed to help school districts foster safe and affirming school communities.

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