Celebrating Women in Education for World Teachers Day

K-12 education is dominated by female teachers with about 76% of the workforce being filled by women. While teaching has been a favored career for women for many years, the numbers have increased more and more over time. In fact, the female teaching force has increased by more than 60% since the early 1980s. About […]

The Research Behind RethinkEd: Social Emotional Learning Platform

The Research Behind RethinkEd Social Emotional Learning Platform

Social and emotional learning, or SEL, refers to evidence-based practices informedby rigorous, systematic social science that underscore the way we understand, use, andmanage emotions to learn. Emotions drive how we think, pay attention, make decisions,manage our time, and countless other processes that impact how students and teachersshow up in the classroom.

Strong Communities Create Safer Schools. How Can We Build Them?

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Amidst rising national violence statistics, what role do school communities play in helping to keep students safe and emotionally well? Students across the country can feel the impact of elevated violent crime in their communities. According to the FBI’s 2020 Uniform Crime Report, the number of violent crimes increased year over year for the first time […]

7 Research Based Facts about Differentiated Instruction

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August Theme of the Month: Differentiated Instruction Contemporary student populations are becoming increasingly academically diverse (Gable et al., 2000; Guild, 2001; Hall, 2002; Hess, 1999; McAdamis, 2001; McCoy and Ketterlin-Geller, 2004; Sizer, 1999; Tomlinson, 2004a; Tomlinson, Moon, and Callahan, 1998). The inclusion of students with disabilities, students with language backgrounds other than English, students with […]

Spotlight Teacher of the Month: Lee-Anne Smith

Position:   Lead Coordinator District:    Geneva Christian College Lee-Anne Smith, a Lead Coordinator at Geneva Christian College in Tasmania, Australia, is ecstatic and excited about her program’s success and direction. The Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Education utilize Rethink at several schools across Tasmania including Geneva; the added […]

Inclusion: Making it Work

What is inclusion? According to the Council for Exceptional Children, “all children, youth, and young adults with disabilities are entitled to a free and appropriate education and/or services that lead to an adult life characterized by satisfying relations with others, independent living, productive engagement in the community, and participation in society at large. To achieve […]