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K-12 Curriculum Special Education

Bridge the Learning Gap

Multi-tiered grade-level proficiency standards-aligned activities provide access for all K-12 students to achieve academic success.

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A Complete Software Solution for K-12

Standards-Aligned Library

Searchable K -12 library including thousands of interactive, differentiated, standards-aligned lessons for assessing, instructing, generalizing, and engaging all students that have academic learning gaps.

Structured Planning

Resources including unit guides, lesson plans, and leveled activities easily mapped to your district scope and sequence, making planning simple, engagement meaningful, and data purposeful.

Personalized Learning

Author and edit lessons or adjust student settings to meet the individualized learning and accessibility needs of every student and/or class.

Automatic Data Collection

Collect data instantly as students work through teacher assigned lessons supporting IEP goals and curriculum, with progress monitoring tools that ensure compliance.

Are You Ready to Have an Impact?

Standards-Based Curriculum

Easy-to-use K-12 academic curriculum that targets specific student learning goals and objectives. Unit guides and lesson plans simplify planning and tiered activities can be quickly assigned for groups and independent work. Automated data collection monitors and tracks progress ensuring student success.

Build Student Agency

Thousands of differentiated, standards-based lessons and plans are available to help all students succeed. These can be customized to meet the individual needs of each student and the requirement of Specially Designed Instruction. Accessibility features at the classroom and student level provide advanced technological support in fostering independence for students with diverse instructional needs.

Continuity of Services

Vizzle helps students learn and succeed no matter where they are or what grade level they're in. This easy-to-use technology makes sure that all students have the opportunity to reach their potential.

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