Gwen Bass, Ph. D., Educational Consultant and Parenting Coach

Gwen Bass, Ph. D.

Educational Consultant and Parenting Coach

Dr. Gwen Bass is an educational consultant and parent coach who researches high-impact approaches that enhance children’s holistic development, school engagement, and lifelong wellbeing. She applies her expertise to train caregivers, social workers, and educators about children’s needs and identities so they can implement strategies that promote resilience. Before becoming an educational consultant and parent coach, Dr. Bass spent over a decade as a school counselor and special education teacher in PreK-12. Dr. Bass is dedicated to ensuring that all students feel like school is a place where they belong and can thrive. One of her passions is enhancing educational opportunities and outcomes for foster and adopted youth. She works with educators to create culturally relevant, accessible, and trauma-sensitive schools that are student-centered.

Dr. Bass also provides workshops and consultation for caregivers who are parenting children with learning differences, mental health challenges, and children who have experienced trauma. Dr. Bass frequently presents on the educational needs of foster and adopted youth, inclusive classroom practices, holistic child development, resilience, child welfare, culturally responsive teaching, measurement and evaluation of social emotional skills, and trauma-informed education.